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The Foundation of Pure Intent

The Gesar Foundation, through the encouragment of friendship, kindness, patience and tolerance, aims directly to free children from tormented lives knowing that indirectly all living beings will benefit. The word Gesar comes from the epic poem of ancient Tibet. The story tells of the life and pure intentions of King Gesar Of Ling. The word Gesar is synonymous with the words, indomitable, unmoving and solid in faith. Translated to the Gesar Foundation it means an unshifting belief that through wisdom and compassion all living beings can rest in the tranquility of their own mind, freed by our own pure intentions.

Kelsang Pawo - Nomadic Monk and founder of 'The Gesar Foundation for Children'

Welcome to the Gesar Foundation web site

The Gesar Foundation encourage and inspire young and sometimes inexperienced humanitarians, to establish their projects in various parts of the world. Whilst we encourage other organisations to gather under our umbrella, we continue to seek and develop fresh initiatives for charities to fund their work, an example of this can be seen by our Palace Pier project, Gesar Art, Film and Music Collectives. We have an open invitation for all musicians to record the Gesar world Anthem for children 'Wish Fulfilling Tree' Please download this as your contribution to the Gesar Foundation grant fund.

Pictured below. The Gesar Foundation gift to countries and international institutions that make a marked effort for children.


The painting titled Wish Fulfilling Tree is a gift from the international artist Magdalena Rutkowska. Thank you Magdalena for your generosity.


The Gesar Music Showcase

Every download helps the children - click an image for more information

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Wish Fulfilling Tree (The Gesar Anthem)

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